Chicken Coops & Runs

hensDo you fancy yourself as a ‘chicken whisperer’?

Chickens are amazing multifunctional creatures with interesting individual personalities and a lot to offer us, such as:

  • Fresh organic eggs
  • Rich fertiliser from manure
  • Composting and mulching habits
  • Great pest control for your garden
  • Recycling your kitchen scraps
  • Year round social value and companionship
  • And much more!


We sell, deliver and construct chicken coops and runs by quote only. The best option is a Garden Consult.

Our chicken coops and run fees include:

  • Delivery and construction of your chosen chicken coop and run
  • Education for easy care of your chickens, including: chicken food, health & hygiene, housing and chicken runs, how many chooks you can have and the legals, best breeds of chickens for eggs and other needs, organic management of chickens and where to get your first chickens (we sell chickens)
  • Why the chicken crossed the road and much more!

* PLEASE NOTE: A travel fee is charged for consults outside the greater Brisbane area.

Contact to book a consult.