Complete Urban Farms

Complete Urban Farm options, delivered and constructed for you on site, include:

  • Your chosen number and type of raised garden beds
  • Chickens
  • Compost bin or bay
  • Worm farm
  • Garden support extras

Quotes by Garden Consult only

* PLEASE NOTE: A travel fee is charged for consults, delivery and construction outside the greater Brisbane area.


GARDEN SUPPORT KITS cost $100 and include:

  • 1 mesh trellis for growing climbing edibles
  • protection netting or shade cloth
  • 9L watering can
  • 2 gardening hand tools
  • 2 organic liquid plant foods – seaweed solution & liquid fertiliser
  • 2 organic pest sprays – for micro and macro pests



Depending on your site, terrain, weather and some other factors, Complete Urban Farms require 1-2 days to construct. This timeframe assumes a Complete Urban Farm that includes 2 or more raised garden beds, with added structures such as trellises, shade, protection netting, etc, a chicken coop and run, chickens, a compost bin, worm farm and onsite education.



We use 50mm thick Australian made MicroPro Sienna treated pine sleepers for all garden beds. This timber is ARSENIC-FREE, guarantees durability, longevity in all weather and is fungal and insect resistant, including termites. For more info please see MicroPro Sienna Treated Timber.