6a010536a07d60970b0120a661292b970b-800wiDean offers Permaculture and Urban Farm Design for your home or site.

The main focus is on urban design, where amazing things can be achieved using permaculture design principles and techniques. We love revolutionizing front and back yards and verges! H

We provide an easy to follow design, with a step-by-step prioritized process for creating your Permaculture haven, based on your goals and needs, which may include:

  • A new way of viewing your home, environment, community and lifestyle
  • Growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, eggs and honey
  • Sharing your space with beneficial friends – chickens, bees, worms and wildlife
  • Composting and recycling everything for a better environment
  • Designing your ideal urban farm
What’s Involved?

Dean's Permaculture and Urban Farm Design includes:

  • A 2+ hour comprehensive assessment of your site
  • Consultation with you and your family or group to decide your goals
  • 1-2 weeks research to produce a comprehensive Permaculture Design for your site, including site analysis, utilities, onsite aspect, climatic and other conditions, proposed plans, such as desired and recommended edible and other plants and trees, animals, landscape and seasonal changes and much more.

Please note: This stage includes design only, and is for urban and small farm sites only. Design fees start at $250.

The Permaculture and Urban Farm Design process begins with a half day Garden Consult at $350 + travel fee.

* It is recommended to attend the Introduction to Permaculture Workshop before committing to a design. For more info visit Education