Eco Bananas

When buying your fruit and veges, you may have seen bananas with a wax tip, especially if you live in Qld. At first, I thought the wax tips were for preservation, but there’s a much more interesting story behind these unqiue Aussie bananas. The mainly red wax tip distinguishes these bananas from other bananas as Pacific Coast Eco Bananas, an Australian company based in North Qld, who has developed methods and protocols to develop an award winning Ecoganic™ banana. The benefits of this sustainable farming and ecosystem is a natural growing and maturing life cycle for the plant and its fruit.

Eco Bananas grower group consists of five family farms producing approximately 800 hectares of Eco Bananas, known as ‘Wax Tip’. But why is Ecoganic so important? Ecoganic is unlike any other agriculture system. It is not about increased inputs for yield, uses the natural resources of all-invertebrate creatures to achieve a sustainable farming system. It is a holistic system that values plants, weeds, grasses, animals and insects which provide biodiversity and soil health.

They use pest and beneficial insects as a natural resource to aid in the elimination of chemicals and fertilisers, and Integrated Ecological Management and Conservation farming techniques to create an environment in which the natural biological predators can control pest or mite problems to a manageable level without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The result is a sweeter tasting, longer lasting and healthier banana. Eco Banana farms have been recognised by the EPA, Sustainable Industries Qld, Qld Dept of Primary Industry and are endorsed by the Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are easily identified by their unique trademarked wax tip, mostly red, but sometimes also green or blue. The wax is a biodegradable cheese food grade wax and is perfectly safe. The next time you see these unique bananas in your fruit shop, make a commitment to buying them and support a very special and unique Australian business.

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