Feathered Friends Workshop

chickenFeathered Friends is a half day masterclass on keeping chickens in an urban environment.

Chickens are amazing multifunctional creatures with interesting individual personalities and a lot to offer us, such as:

  • Fresh organic eggs
  • Rich fertilizer from manure and feathers
  • Composting and mulching habits
  • Great pest control for your garden
  • Recycling your kitchen scraps
  • Year round social value and companionship
In the workshop you’ll learn:
  • What chickens eat, drink and consume
  • Chicken health and hygiene
  • Correct chicken housing and chicken runs
  • How many chooks you can have and the legals
  • Best breeds of chickens for eggs and other needs
  • Organic management of chickens
  • Where to get your first chickens
  • A little on keeping ducks
  • Why the chicken crossed the road and much more

The Feathered Friends Workshop is $60 per person – includes morning tea and notes.