Food is life! Food is every living thing’s constant pursuit. For us humans, food is a deep desire and passion – something that not only sustains and nourishes us biologically, but is the stuff of dreams and legends. Food is something we think about for three square meals a day, for snacks, for socialising, for love, for family and intimate gatherings, for cultural and spiritual significance. Food consumes us on so many levels.

More important than just food for health and survival, though, is good food. The kind of food we can grow ourselves, or that comes from organically, ethically grown and produced sources. The food that excites us to nurture from seed, to harvest or shop for, to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy with others. This food, the food of life, is the food we need to protect and nurture now and for the future.

This is the food we aim to share our passion and knowledge of in our exciting new food events, such as cooking classes, sustainable, ethical and wholesome food workshops and more.

Dean runs regular workshops and classes on all topics related to growing fresh organic food, as well as kimchi, Korean food, cooking, longevity and gut health. He is also available as a guest speaker on all these topics.

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