Garden Services

People choose to grow their own food for many reasons – it’s fun, healthy, fresh, cheap, organic, local, personal, cultural, seasonal, a great lifestyle, especially for children, or all of the above.

Green Dean can make your urban farming goals a reality fast. You will soon be growing your own fresh organic food in no time.

Dean consults on, sells, delivers and constructs:

  • raised garden beds, set up with everything you need – soil, compost, fertiliser, mulch and veggie and herb seedlings of your choice
  • trellises for growing climbing edibles
  • compost bins and worm farms
  • chicken coops and runs with hens (imagine collecting your own fresh eggs daily!)
  • and lots more!

He also offers:

  • Garden Consults to help you with location, plant choices and more
  • a replenishment service to plant new seedlings, so you grow and eat fresh seasonal food
  • a maintenance service to tidy up your urban farm as needed
  • DIY kits for garden beds and other structures
  • a range of gardening products
  • great follow up and ongoing education and support

You can start small and add things as time, budget, space, needs and experience allow … or you can have it all in a few days.

And the best part is all you have to do is water, pick and eat the food!

Down the track, you can also add more garden beds, fruit trees, ducks, bees, a pond … and even a goat, but let’s not get carried away just yet!

Excited? What’s the next step?

Contact to book your Garden Consult today.