Green Dean’s Crop Swap

produceGreen Dean's Crop Swaps, now in our 12th year!, are a monthly community gathering to share, swap, trade and talk about fresh organic home-grown produce, home-made food, recyclables and green ideas.

About Our Crop Swaps

  • We are a 100% not-for-profit project
  • All members of the community are welcome
  • All homegrown vegies, fruit, herbs, seedlings, seeds, plants, trees, flowers, craft, and homemade food are welcome
  • No amount of produce is too small or too big to bring along
  • It’s a great place to share food and garden tips, info and ideas
  • Bring along your ‘green’ promotional material to display

If you know what you'll be bringing in advance, please let us know or post it on our Facebook page

A Few Guidelines
  • All fresh produce must be homegrown and organic - no purchased food
  • All other food must be homemade, eg. herbal teas, biscuits, cakes, honey, etc
  • No produce can be sold or bought at this gathering - swap or give away only
  • No money is exchanged for produce at this gathering
  • It is up to each person to negotiate the value of the produce they are swapping or sharing. It does not have to be equal value trading. For example, you are welcome to swap 1 egg for a bag of potatoes, or give away your produce for free
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • MORNING CROP SWAPS 9am - 1pm
  • Cost: Gold coin contribution
  • Venue: As advertised each time

We also offer a free presentation/guest speaker at each Crop Swap on a food, garden or health topic. If you'd like to present something please let us know.

Want to start a Crop Swap?

We also help people set up Crop Swaps in other communities. It’s such a great way to bring people together, encourage gardening, share fresh homegrown produce, homemade food and green ideas.

If you’d like some ideas and assistance to start a Crop Swap in your community, please contact us anytime. We’d love to help.