Healthy Waterways, Healthy Planet

Water is essential to our health, environment and way of life. In the 2011-2012 financial year, Brisbane City Council aimed to invest more than $7 million in the health of local waterways, with an additional $500,000 to work on the rejuvenation of certain creeks. In the past, the Council has invested $900,000 to improve other creeks, including minimizing erosion and building refuge pools for aquatic wildlife to live in during droughts.

Brisbane City Council’s goal is to be Australia’s most water smart city by 2012. While they are far from achieving this goal, due to political changes, funding decreases and contradictive actions, for the sake of our waterways, we can all help in many small ways, such as:

  • Prevent the spread of weeds by planting more native plants and trees
  • Reduce or stop using household chemicals – they all end up in our waterways
  • Limit or stop using chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, etc
  • Always dispose of garden and other wastes responsibly
  • Be careful of what you put down your sink and drains
  • Get involved in a local healthy waterways project or care group near you

The health of our waterways (no matter where you live in the world) is everyone’s responsibility and duty, for now and future generations. For more info visit