Permaculture at Green Dean HQ

We have been able to achieve so much more in and around our home and community in 2 years using permaculture principles and ethics mainly because we have worked with, rather than against nature. We have thoughtfully observed our environment, instead of thoughtlessly labouring against it. We try to look at all the plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating them as single function elements. Permaculture is like using aikido in your garden – rolling with the blows, turning adversity into strength and using everything positively. We avoid using strength to force the landscape to yield. If we attack nature, we ultimately only destroy ourselves.

Living in harmony with nature is only possible if we give up the idea of trying to be superior over the natural world. We are not the ‘masters of creation’ we think we are. We are not above nature. We are part of it. All living things are an expression of life, including humans, but not especially humans. What we do to nature we do to ourselves. I think this truth is more evident on the Earth now than ever before. An understanding of this principle helps us avoid destroying any living thing.

Mistakenly, permaculture is not only, or even just, a system of gardening. It is a design system, a tool belt, full of ideas, concepts, principles and ethics to help us flow with nature to achieve a much healthier, happier, eco-friendly outcome, which means a much more productive, fruitful system and lifestyle.

We offer regular Introduction to Permaculture workshops to share what permaculture is all about and support people in their goals of growing healthy, organic, fresh food, contributing to their communities and the planet more, and understanding the natural world a little deeper. Our next Introduction to Permaculture workshop is on Sunday 1 July. Check our What's On? calendar for details.