Schools & Childcare Centres

childWhy Teach Our Children How To Grow Food and Where Real Food Comes From?

Growing our own food is nothing new. We’ve urban farmed for thousands of years in every space, city, country and culture in the world. Schools and child care centres can do it too and enjoy the many benefits of super local organic food, fresh from plot to plate – for the kids, staff and parents.

Teaching children where real food comes from and how to grow it is a smart investment in their and our health, and the future of the world in general. Kids are still bombarded at home, school and in the media with unhealthy, unnatural and processed food choices. Setting up edible gardens and involving kids intimately in their own food growing, composting and worm farming is important for their learning and development, and great fun for all!

Growing our own food can be as simple as leafy greens and herbs in pots, or a garden bed in the yard. We can grow in small spaces like courtyards or balconies, in playgrounds or in front and back yards. There’s really no limit.

Dean knows that life and work can be busy and hinder us from taking the plunge. It could be time, work, budget, health, motivation or know-how. Many schools and child care centres delay growing their own food for these and other reasons.

That’s where Dean comes in. He makes life easy. He makes your food growing and urban farming goals onsite a stress-free reality fast.

If you fancy your kids and team as urban farmers and want to join the fast growing edible gardening movement now sweeping schools and early childhood education centres, we can set you up the right way and faster than you imagined. Just picture your kids slipping on little gumboots and heading for garden beds to water their veggies, pick some fresh greens and herbs, feed the worms, collect some eggs and take in the fresh air. That feeling is gold and Dean wants you and your kids to experience and enjoy that lifestyle too.

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