Southeast Queensland Urban Farmers Guild (SEQUFG)

14463233_1196598967071645_475725149864091866_nSEQUFG is for all commercial (for & not for profit) Southeast Qld Urban Farmers to share info, skills, knowledge, events, produce and networking on urban farming - small scale farming in urban environments - including backyards, verges, balconies, roofs, parks, schools, businesses, organisations, small acreage and more. All urban farmers, organic, biodynamic practitioners, permaculturists, organic and natural farmers welcome. Educators welcome also.

There are many gardening groups online and on Facebook, especially edible gardening and farming pages. The intention and goal of SEQUFG is to provide a special space for commercial urban farmers (full or part time, for or not for profit, current or emerging, grower or educator) to share and communicate needs, ideas, skills, knowledge, events, produce & networking within this unique industry.

The group will maintain a reasonably strict membership of urban aggies interested in supporting each other & the industry. Please understand & support our goal of keeping the group specific to commercial urban farmers. Thank you.

Join us on Facebook at SEQUFG