Southeast Queensland Urban Farmers

14463233_1196598967071645_475725149864091866_nSEQUF is for all Southeast Qld Urban Farmers to share info, skills, knowledge, events, produce and networking on urban farming - small scale farming in urban environments - including backyards, verges, balconies, roofs, parks, schools, businesses, organisations, small acreage and more. All urban farmers, organic and biodynamic practitioners, permaculturists and natural gardeners welcome.

There are many gardening groups online and on Facebook, especially edible gardening and farming pages. The intention and goal of SEQUF is to encourage members to increase their food growing, their awareness of bigger picture issues, and engage with a community of people with a deeper interest in ecologically sound edible gardening and earth care practises.

We invite you to join and engage with us in a deeper, more meaningful way, with the view of enriching and empowering your food growing experience, wherever and however you do it.
Our hope is that you join SEQUF to learn and share about true urban farming - bringing food growing back into the towns and cities, where it has always been in sustainable cultures.

Join us on Facebook at SEQUF