Support Eco Tourism

Eco tourism is big business these days – from national parks and World Heritage Sites to wildlife safaris and zoos – all trying to make a difference to the planet by using some profits to better the environment, save species and educate people. Your travel can also be more eco-friendly and sustainable by smarter planning. Here’s a few eco-friendly travel tips to help travel greener:

  • Choose eco-friendly companies and services and always choose travel options that have a minimum environment impact
  • Find a trusted, knowledgeable travel agent who knows, or is willing to find out about eco-friendly travel options
  • Do a thorough search online yourself also for eco-friendly travel companies, operators and tours
  • Check accommodation website to make sure they are energy, water and waste efficient
  • Find out what tour operators follow sustainability guideliness

Australia is one of only a few countries in the world that has its own eco-tourism accreditation scheme, managed by Ecotourism Australia. They are the official body for eco-tourism in Australia and certify companies involved in providing tourism services in natural Australia areas. Visit for more info.