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14370368_508455352679301_6612989893292857459_nI had the pleasure and a lot of fun presenting a Korean BBQ cooking demo at Sherwood Road Organic Meats in Brisbane on Saturday 17 September.

I showcased their amazing organic porky belly (a classic in Korean BBQ), beef and chicken.

It's easy to see why this business - both Sherwood Road and Morley Street Organic Meats - is thriving and so popular, with loyal regular customers supporting the grass-fed, ethically raised and certified organic meat movement. Their variety is also amazing, including a range of gluten-free products.

With the growing popularity of Korean food, it was great to have so many people enjoy the samples we provided on the morning ... and also watch the faces of newcomers to Korean cuisine light up on discovering this zesty fresh spicy food. The collaboration of Sherwood Road Organic Meats' produce and our Korean BBQ style was a hit !

We are available for cooking demos and we run regular Korean cooking and Korean kimchi classes for those interested in exploring this amazing healthy and popular food. Contact us to find out more and check our events calendar for upcoming classes.

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