The KFC Project

Kindness for Chickens (KFC)

The Project

The KFC Project originally began by rescuing chickens from caged and free-range egg farms, but has extended to rehoming all chickens that come through us, including roosters (where possible), ducks and other birds - and even guinea pigs at times. Commercial egg farms agree to give or sell us hens at the end of their commercial productivity, instead of being 'culled'. Even the best of these girls are in desperate need of some serious TLC. We keep them for a few weeks or months, and once they are back on their feet again (literally), we re-home them with people seeking to give these wonderful hens a second chance in life. In return for your love, care, patience, and natural food and environment, these beautiful girls return the favour with fresh eggs, manure, composting and great company, especially for children.

The Facts

There are over 11 million battery hens living in cages in Australia.

Despite all the hype and marketing about ‘free range’ eggs, the truth is that almost 80% of eggs produced in Australia still come from intensive battery (cage) farms.

Around 12 million caged and free-range hens are slaughtered each year in Australia. They are deemed ‘unproductive’ and ‘culled’ between 12 and 18 months old, whether they are still laying eggs or not. The law prohibits these hens' meat from being used for human consumption, so they are used for pet food, flavouring, trapping and composted.

The reality is that these hens, if adopted by kind people, with a little TLC and the right environment, can go on to live normal, healthy and productive lives for over 3 years – continuing to lay eggs for several years more after being rescued.

How can you help?

This is a self-funded project and we try to provide these hens with everything they need from our own finances and resources, but a little help from the community also goes a long way, via paying a small fee when adopting hens:

* Please note: We do not accept money donations for this project.

Please contact us if you’d like to adopt some rescue hens. We do not do conduct rescues constantly, so do not have hens available all the time. When we do rescue some hens, or need to rehome chickens, it is posted on our Facebook page. We also work with other similar rescue groups, assisting them to rehome hens they rescue also.

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We also highly recommend supporting the chicken rescue and poultry conservation groups below if you want to adopt or protect these lovely hens:

Hens Deserve Better (RSPCA)

RSPCA Queensland

RSPCA Australia

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia


Legal Note:

Our use of the abbreviation KFC refers specifically and only to Kindness for Chickens, and is in no way related or connected to, or intended to relate to, the same abbreviation used by the restaurant chain KFC Australia Pty Ltd. Chickens rescued and rehabilitated by The KFC Project are not sourced from farms connected in any way to KFC Australia Pty Ltd. The KFC Project’s intention is to rescue hens from battery and free-range egg farms, and no defaming or criticism of KFC Australia Pty Ltd is intended or inferred. Any and all use of the abbreviation KFC by us and by KFC Australia Pty Ltd is purely coincidental.