Why go green?

Your Decision Will Change Life on Earth

The Facts

There’s no point being soft about this topic. Let’s get real. Everyone should be very concerned about our planet’s health, and for good reason. The Earth is undeniably changing because of our human impact on the planet over the last 200 years or so.

Climate change is real and increasing, whether it’s convenient for individuals, communities, governments, industries and sceptics or not.

We are experiencing mass species extinction and the exploitation of people, animals and habitats on a scale never before seen in history. We have already lost tens of thousands of species of animals and plants directly because of human activity and population expansion on the Earth.

Commercial food production, monoculture and factory farming has reduced food, and the plants and animals that make food, to numbers and materials, with no respect for the amazing diversity of life that are these incredible living organisms.

We are now facing a global environmental and climate crisis, with possibly only a decade left before permanent, irreversible damage is done to the Earth.

This damage has already caused, and will continue to cause global food and other resource scarcity, plus continued mass extinction of species and habitats worldwide, all at massive social, economic and environmental cost to humans.

We can’t rely solely, if at all, on governments or big industries to react fast enough, have all the answers or make all the moves.

Australians, per person and per household, produce the highest greenhouse gas emissions of any country in the world.

Sound scary? It is. The truth is that our collective daily travel, consumption and other habits are contributing to the crisis just as much as big industries.

On a more positive note, going green simply makes the world a much healthier and happier place for us all to live, learn, work and play … now and into the future.

Enough reasons to go green?

The Solution

It’s not too late to be part of the solution. We need to seriously start being more green in our homes and communities NOW, because everything we do has an effect on the Earth. Sure, we can and should do big picture stuff as well, like voting for and protesting against certain big issues. But it’s also the everyday stuff that makes a real difference.

Humans are making small changes on Earth, but these changes are too slow to keep up with the rate of destructive change, so we can and need to do much more and it’s easier than most people think.

  • We can make our homes, businesses and communities more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • We can grow and make some or all of our own fresh organic food
  • We can seed save and propagate our own plants and share our produce
  • We can recycle, compost and manage our waste better
  • We can use less and save more power, water and other resources
  • We can live, learn, work and travel greener, while getting valuable exercise
  • We can be more conscious of what goes down the drain, up in the air and out to sea
  • And we can set a greener example to everyone in our circle of influence, especially children

We now know scientifically that small habit changes in our homes and businesses play a definite major role in reducing emissions and our impact on the planet. Sure, it’s important for our children’s future, but it’s also important for all of us right now. Please join the green revolution!


The Dalai Lama said: “It is our collective responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its weaker members and to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.”