Worm Farming 101 Workshop

image-11Worm Farming 101 is a half day masterclass on worm farming for maximum yield in urban farming.
Get the most out of your wormfarm with SUPER worm farming!
A thriving worm farm is an absolute essential for any keen organic gardener, and just makes sense in so many ways for creating incredible fertiliser for your garden. Starting and caring for a worm farm is easy, inexpensive and fun, and is especially beneficial for children. Worm farming produces your own incredible organic fertiliser and is a very sustainable way to manage most of your kitchen food waste.
You’ll learn all about:
* The different kinds of worms - earth worms and compost worms
* How to make and maintain a worm farm
* How to manage kitchen and other waste for worm food and bedding
* How to harvest and use vermicompost (worm castings) for your garden fertiliser
* And much more!
The Worm Farming 101 Workshop is $60 per person – includes morning tea and notes.