Worm Farms

image-11A thriving worm farm is an essential for any keen organic gardener and just makes sense in so many ways for recycling your kitchen and other waste, and creating incredible fertiliser for your garden.

Starting and caring for a worm farm is easy, inexpensive and fun, especially for children. Kids love worms!


I sell 2 types of worm farms: round and square. They both have multiple trays, a lid, legs and a tap. Both types are $150 and include bedding and worms.


A Worm Farm Set Up are $250, which includes:

  • Delivery and set up of your chosen worm farm
  • Education for easy care of your worms (a mini workshop)
  • The different kinds of worms
  • How to best maintain a worm farm
  • How to manage kitchen scraps to feed your worms
  • How to harvest and use worm fertiliser for your garden
  • And much more!

* PLEASE NOTE: A travel fee is charged for set ups outside the greater Brisbane area.

Contact to book your Worm Farm Set Up.