Dean’s Profile

Green DeanWelcome and thanks for visiting my site. I’m an urban farmer, permaculturist, nutritionist and proud home cook with a passion for great food, earth care and sustainability. I’ve been working in the 'green scene', health and wellbeing, and personal development fields for over 30 years.

I love being part of the positive change happening in the world now, and encouraging everyone I can to get on board and be part this exciting change to make the world a better place through urban farming, growing good food and empowering community.

My cultural background is Australian-Polish. I got my green thumbs growing up on a coastal farm in NSW, Australia and my love of all creatures great and small came from raising countless domestic and native animals. In the early days, my family grew tomatoes commercially, supplying the first local supermarkets.

We also owned oyster farms, and an oyster opening business, which supplied local restaurants. Later, we hobby-farmed angora goats, sheep and bees. In the 1990s, we operated a wholesale palm nursery for a number of years.

My own urban farm in Brisbane, Queensland, is a foodie's dream. I aim to host most of my events and workshops onsite, and grow and produce much of my own food, always expanding my plans and gardens to incorporate more plants, trees and animals. It’s a great site for showing what’s possible in standard, small, vertical and unusual urban garden spaces. My private urban farm has seen over 5000 people through the gates over the last 10 years.

I share my special space with 2 cats, a flock of chickens, 2 pink cockatoos, cockatiels and a variety of native wildlife – all valuable members of my family, contributing in their own unique ways. I'm also very thankful for great neighbours.