Fermental As Anything!

fermented foodsFermental As Anything! is Dean's passion and project to share the wonders of health and wellbeing through improved gut health. It is also about sharing the amazing diversity of foods from all cultures and countries.
If you love fermented, pickled, preserved, cultured, cured, smoked or otherwise deliciously transformed foods, Fermental As Anything is the place to be!

In Brisbane, we also meet sometimes to ferment, pickle, preserve, stuff, cure, bake, sprout, smoke, dry, sun-dry, dehydrate, cook, curdle, freeze, grind, brew, store and transform ingredients into delicious and nutritious cultured super-foods.

Our Facebook page Fermental As Anything! and gatherings aim to educate and share fermenting, preserving and transformative skills with everyone interested in these ancient probiotic and macrobiotic foods and methods.

If you love eating and want to learn or share how to make foods like kim chi, sauerkraut, yoghurt, kefir, stocks, butter, jams and spreads, dips, pesto and sauces, breads, pickles, cheeses, salami, sausages, jerky, biltong, miso, tofu, kombucha, beer, wine, cider and other plonk, mead, honey, tea and coffee, herbs, spices, oils, salts, sprouts, raw and a host of other related foods, this is the place for you!

A passionate home cook and qualified nutritionist, Dean regularly runs workshops and classes on Korean kimchi, Korean cooking and other foods, and is available as a guest speaker on gut health and nutrition.