Permaculture Education

GardenIntroduction to Permaculture Workshops

Permaculture is highly transformative for everyone who learns, understands and implements it. Dean's main focus is on urban farming, where amazing things can be achieved using permaculture design principles to bring food growing back into the towns and cities, where it has always traditionally been in sustainable cultures.

This 1 or 2 day workshop is packed with lots of juicy urban farming info and skills to help you start converting your home or other site into a thriving permaculture haven.

You will learn:

* The history and origins of Permaculture
* The Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
* Why we need Transition Initiatives
* Design strategies and skills
* Soil care and water management
* Growing your own organic food, including crop rotation, plant choices, seed saving, composting and garden care
* Keeping animals in Permaculture, such as chickens, worms, bees and more
* A fresh new way of viewing your home, environment, community and lifestyle
* Permaculture – the Next Step!

This workshop is delivered regularly over 2 days (either 2 days together, or 2 days 1 week apart).

Cost: $250 per person
- includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch and notes

Can you host a workshop?

We also welcome invitations to host this workshop at your own site, with an agreed minimum group of people. Hosts attend for free. Please enquire.