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left-panelThe explosive interest in gardening in recent years, especially edible organic gardening pursuits like permaculture and urban farming, is certainly very heartening to witness ... and in my case, be an exciting part of professionally.

One of the wonderful results of this gardening renaissance is the abundance of new and old gardening groups growing across Australia, including online. For Brisbane gardening enthusiasts alike, whether edible, ornamental or a little of both, we are spoiled for choice on and off line, especially with groups like Redland Organic Growers Inc (ROGI for short), which focuses its membership and activities in and around the Redlands region of Brisbane.

With a very solid, loyal and active member base, monthly meetings, garden visits and makeovers, fundraisers, regular education and generous sharing of produce, knowledge and information in the community, ROGI is a gem among Brisbane's garden groups.

I had the pleasure of being invited to guest speak at their September monthly meeting on Wednesday 14 September at Alexandra Hills, Brisbane. I spoke on some of my business and community activities, including my urban farming and permaculture education and consulting, workshops and events, Crop Swaps, The KFC Project and more. It was a solid turnout and a very warm and welcoming audience. I really enjoyed the gathering and have decided to become a member. They are also on Facebook at ROGI.

081913_Won-soon-ParkHello and welcome. I deeply appreciate all the citizens, authorities of community organisations and foreign operators from overseas. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been putting great efforts to revive Seoul as the city of life and enrich the lives of citizens through urban agriculture with our citizens.

Citizens practise urban agriculture in various ways, from their own farm to their roof gardens or balconies, and communicate and share with each other through urban agriculture. In addition to producing safe food, urban agriculture is the activity where learning, work and play happen at once, and is bringing liveliness to the dreary city in the midst of arising community spirit.

At this year’s Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo 2016 International Conference, speakers from 10 different countries, including Korea, Japan, China/Hong Kong, USA, German, France, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Italy, will be joining together for the theme of ‘Urban Agriculture and Coexistence’.

It is the place to share various urban agriculture cases in Seoul and major cities of Korea, and also the place for scholars and practitioners around the world where urban agriculture is active to discuss the innovation as a sustainable city through urban agriculture. I hope this event will serve as the foundation of networking for all urban farmers, scholars and experts around the world.

I would like to express my gratitude for all urban farmers and organisations of Seoul that worked very hard for the International Conference, and the city of Seoul will work harder to create Seoul into the city of community, the city of life where citizens cultivate kitchen gardens and grow happiness together. Thank you.

Won-Soon Park - Mayor of Seoul