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4a105d982a0f2b5893d4669cc604c5b4GREEN DEAN 360 Spring Special Offer
Available from September 1st to December 31st 2016

THIS IS A FANTASTIC and AFFORDABLE WAY to LEAP FORWARD in your urban farming with a personal Garden Consult with Green Dean and access to all workshops and events to really boost your urban farming, permaculture and organic edible gardening skills, knowledge, goals and inspiration!

1 Garden Consult (valued at $300) *
Access to all Green Dean paid workshops & events #
A number of surprise special events!

  • Available in SE Qld only.

The first 25 people to sign up receive invites to free exclusive 1 day masterclasses with Green Dean.


Half Day & 1 Day
• Introduction to Permaculture & Urban Farming
• Permaculture Design
• Chicken Keeping
• Soil Care & DIY Organic Fertilisers
• Setting Up Organic Gardens
• Worm Farming
• Composting & Mulching
• Bee Keeping
• Cooking & Fermenting Classes
• And more!

* Garden Consults in this special offer exclude travel fees. Travel fees apply to all consults.
# You can only attend each type of workshop or event once.
# This special offer excludes access to Korean cooking and kimchi classes – however, these classes will be offered as special events and masterclasses.
## This special offer excludes access to all currently advertised fundraising events.
** Consults and events in this special offer are non-transferrable.
*** The $360 fee is ‘per person’, and does not include couples, families or groups, etc.

one-way-another-way-sign-300x266Just like sex, climate change and sustainability is a hot and steamy topic. One of the most common questions people ask when considering going green is: Where do I start? There seems to be 50 shades of green to choose from.

As with many areas of life that need urgent attention, going green also can seem confusing for many people. There’s probably not a person anywhere on the Earth that isn’t aware of climate change in some way and the need to care for our planet more, but where to start? The Earth is a big place, and while it’s very beautiful, it also has some increasing environmental challenges. Like many, you may be overwhelmed by what needs the most attention, and indeed, how you can make a difference. Well, that’s perfectly normal, and there is an answer.

Like any journey in life, start at the beginning. Take a single step, and take that step in your own home, backyard or business. Decide where you would like to be greener in your own life first. What needs greening? What can you do easily, with little or no effort or cost? Perhaps you’d like to be healthier, or chemical-free, or start a small vege and herb garden. It really is easier than you think and baby steps all added up really do make a difference. For example, by going chemical-free at home or work, you are stopping hundreds of litres of chemicals going down your drain and into your local and global waterways and oceans each year. You are just one person, but what a powerful step. What if everyone did the same thing?

Start in your own space first. Do what small things you can. Experience the positive results firsthand and feel good about your contribution to your environment. In time, you will even become an example to others, which we really need more of.

Visit our blog regularly or attend some of our events for more ideas on becoming greener. Earth care is no longer the domain of hippies and tree-huggers. It is everyone’s responsibility and you can make a difference.

Every change you make to be greener, however small, makes a difference to your planet and your health.