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Experts say that it would only take one generation to save the planet. If that generation grew up being taught the right skills and knowledge, imagine the amazing things we could achieve. Children are never too young to start learning better green habits and one group of special kids is a shining green example for the next generation.

Brisbane’s Bulimba State Primary School is teaching gardening and recycling as part of their curriculum and trying to make the school greener for the community. 40 to 50 students volunteer everyday to water trees and flowers, weed gardens and pick veges. The school boasts many flowers, worm farms and gardens with vegetables, fruit, herbs and has planted over 200 native trees around the school.

By 2010,  the school also:

  • Installed solar panels on the roof, feeding back into the electricity grid.
  • Built a self-composting bush toilet.
  • Installed a 250,000L water tank for use in gardens and some toilets.
  • Put a paper recycling bin in each classroom. Kids also bring in newspapers from home. Recyclable paper is sold to a business that makes insulation, earning the school $120 per tonne, which goes back into environmental projects.
  • Uses food scraps for compost and mulch for the gardens.
  • Encourages kids to use less packaging for their lunches, reuse containers and not waste food in their lunchboxes.
  • Started the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.
  • Was awarded a $69,000 grant from Boeing to help other schools develop environmental projects.

Every change you make to be greener, however small, makes a difference to your planet and your health.

The Habitat Brisbane Program has been running for 20 years and restores habitats in parks, bushlands, wetlands and waterways around Brisbane. Many once degraded sites are now beautiful sanctuaries for wildlife and locals thanks to volunteer groups. The program began originally with 50 people in 4 groups, and now has 126 registered groups with 2,500 volunteers.

To find a Habitat Brisbane group near you, please visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au or call 07 3403 8888. If you live in another city or state and find similar projects and groups, please let us know the details.

Be sure to visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au also for details on upcoming green events such as the Library Seminar Series Free Sustainable Living Workshops, sharing skills on sustainable home renos, eco babies, retro fashion, greener motoring and much more.

Every change you make to be greener, however small, makes a difference to your planet and your health.