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4a105d982a0f2b5893d4669cc604c5b4GREEN DEAN 360 Spring Special Offer
Available from September 1st to December 31st 2016

THIS IS A FANTASTIC and AFFORDABLE WAY to LEAP FORWARD in your urban farming with a personal Garden Consult with Green Dean and access to all workshops and events to really boost your urban farming, permaculture and organic edible gardening skills, knowledge, goals and inspiration!

1 Garden Consult (valued at $300) *
Access to all Green Dean paid workshops & events #
A number of surprise special events!

  • Available in SE Qld only.

The first 25 people to sign up receive invites to free exclusive 1 day masterclasses with Green Dean.


Half Day & 1 Day
• Introduction to Permaculture & Urban Farming
• Permaculture Design
• Chicken Keeping
• Soil Care & DIY Organic Fertilisers
• Setting Up Organic Gardens
• Worm Farming
• Composting & Mulching
• Bee Keeping
• Cooking & Fermenting Classes
• And more!

* Garden Consults in this special offer exclude travel fees. Travel fees apply to all consults.
# You can only attend each type of workshop or event once.
# This special offer excludes access to Korean cooking and kimchi classes – however, these classes will be offered as special events and masterclasses.
## This special offer excludes access to all currently advertised fundraising events.
** Consults and events in this special offer are non-transferrable.
*** The $360 fee is ‘per person’, and does not include couples, families or groups, etc.

Spring is almost on our doorstep and now the perfect time to prepare your garden for the new life and energy that Spring brings.

It’s a great time to start reconditioning your soil and perennial plants and trees after their Winter dormancy. It’s also time to get ready for all those wonderful beneficial little creatures and organisms that come to live and breed in our gardens by providing habitat and ideal conditions.

Whether you’ve been growing food during winter or not, now is the time to start composting, mulching and feeding your soil and plants, as well as planning your warmer season veggies, fruit and herbs. This is the time to plan – to revamp and prepare garden beds, consider what you’ll be eating in spring and summer, revitalise your soil, start making your own liquid fertilisers, compost and mulch, and preparing your garden for the heat of summer.

Maybe your garden has been lifeless and dormant for too long, and you’ve vowed to create an abundant edible garden every year, but it just never seems to happen. Or maybe you grow some food, but you’d like to have more success, grow more and open up more areas of your site. I can help ...

Garden Mentor Session to the rescue!

A Garden Mentor Session with me will give you not only the knowledge, info, skills and ideas, but also the inspiration and energy you need to kickstart your ideal garden, or revamp and boost your existing garden, ready for Spring.

My Garden Mentor Session fee is currently $85 (which will increase with our new fee schedule on August 1st), I come to you and spend up to 2 hours checking your site, soil, plants and discussing your garden plans and ideas. You’ll get advice on:

  • Ÿ          Permaculture and urban farm design ideas
  • Ÿ          Boosting your soil, managing water, composting and mulching
  • Ÿ          What to plant when, where and how
  • Ÿ          Maximising your space to grow even more fresh organic food
  • Ÿ          Attracting more beneficial wildlife into your garden
  • Ÿ          Becoming more sustainable in your home and garden
  • Ÿ          Keeping chickens in an urban environment
  • Ÿ          And much more!

For more info and to book in please visit http://greendean.com.au/garden-mentor or contact me on 0432 414 266 or email dean@greendean.com.au

* Please note: This fee is for sessions within Brisbane only. An extra travel fee of $20 is charged for sessions a certain distance outside Brisbane.