Food for thought!

Food is life!

Growing, shopping for and choosing fresh healthy organic food, then preparing, cooking and eating that food is vital to our health and wellbeing, and also our very survival. Food quality, farming and production, and food security are very important issues all over the world today. Certain things are putting our food security at risk, such as GM (genetic modification), monoculture or ‘factory farming’, mass domestic animal and plant species extinction, harmful chemicals for weed and pest control, and much more.

In developing countries, there is not enough food of any kind. In developed countries, like ours, we have an abundance of food, which is wasted without thought, but is increasingly unhealthy, full of toxins and not fresh. Our food also arrives on our supermarket shelves and our tables at a very high cost environmentally, often having travelled hundreds or thousands of kilometres to reach us. This produces high greenhouse gas emissions, results in food being ‘treated’ to extend its life and most often the exploitation of farmers and producers.

Genuine Concerns

Everyone should be very concerned about the state of food in the world now and the future of food. If big multinational companies and governments are allowed to control our food and prevent us from seed saving, growing and producing our own food, then our health and wellbeing, and our very survival is at risk. Already, around 30,000 species of edible plants and trees have been lost worldwide because of monoculture farming. We are also loosing 3-4 breeds of domestic animals per month to extinction. The extinction of even one species or breed of plant or animal is unacceptable, but this massive loss is incredibly sad and beyond comprehension.

Green Dean is involved in food sovereignty and believes in protecting our right to save our own seeds, grow and produce our own food, and have a positive hand in the care of our own soil and environment, as well as our own health and wellbeing – without the interference of corporations seeking to control and patent nature, and force the use of chemicals and genetic modification (GM).

The Solution

One of the most empowering and important steps we can take to support our environment is to grow our own food – as much of it as possible. Your own fresh food, straight from your garden to your plate, cuts out all the damaging middle processes that create ill health for us and the planet – travel kilometres, emissions, chemicals, destruction of farmland and the environment, plus human, animal and habitat exploitation. You also have complete control over what you grow, how and when you grow it and what you eat.

Starting and maintaining your own garden is very easy. Growing and making your own food is very enjoyable and becomes quite addictive. You always want to grow better and healthier food each season, and there’s always something to learn from and share with others. There’s also thousands of different edible plants and trees you can try growing, as well as chickens, bees and worm farming to consider.